Commonly referred to as IOL, What are intraocular (implantable) lenses?

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For such a small medical device, the intraocular lenses an amazing technology. Modern IOLs simulatethe refractive properties of the natural lens so that you can enjoy better vision after surgery.


Commonly made from an acrylic material, the lensoptic is about 6mm wide and the thickness variesdepending on the lens power. The IOL is madefrom a soft, foldable material that can be implantedthrough a micro incision, approximately 2.0mmin size.

The most common type of intraocular lens has amonofocal optic that provides a single correctivepower calculated to provide good distance vision.
It is normal that with monofocal IOLs, for sometasks such as reading and close work, you may stillneed glasses.

Prior to your cataract surgery, your surgeon at Greatsightwill discuss which IOL is best for your vision needs.

Your doctor may recommend a state of the art ZEISS IOL. ZEISS is a trusted brand in optics, and is wellknown for manufacturing a wide range of high quality lenses.

What are toric intraocular lenses?

Toric IOLs are a special type of intraocular lens,with the optic shaped especially to correct cornealastigmatism. The light rays, which are distortedwhen passing through the astigmatic cornea,are corrected by the lens. Light is then properly
focused on the retina, providing good distancevision.

Implantation of a toric IOL requires exactmeasurements of your eye, to enable your
surgeon to select the correct lens and angleor “axis” of implantation, to correct the
regular corneal astigmatism.

What are multifocal intraocular lenses?

Multifocal IOLs are more technologically advancedto provide more than one focal point. The baselens power is calculated to provide good distancevision and additional focal points provide visionat closer distances, such as for reading, writing or
other close work.

Multifocal toric IOLs are designed for patientswith astigmatism, to provide special toric correctionfor distance vision, as well as additional focalpoints for seeing objects that are up close.

ZEISS is a trusted brand in optics, and is well knownfor manufacturing a wide range of high quality lenses.Great sight is a big advocate of Karl Zeiss as the patient response is phenomenal.

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