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Modern cataract treatment has revolutionized eye care in recent times. Cataract treatment can clear your immediate vision.

A Cataract is a condition we commonly associate with old age… yet this is not always the case. A Cataract can be detected by your Optician during your routine eye examination who will then refer you on to an Optometrist for cataract surgery.

So? What is a Cataract?

Basically, Cataract is a condition where clouding on the lens takes place. It generally occurs over time and sometimes can take place in both the eyes.

The most common symptoms of cataract include faded colors and vision, trouble seeing at night and trouble with bright lights.

Cataracts can be of four main types which are:

1. Old age – It occurs with age. As we grow old, our vision becomes poor and it happens due to the prolonged exposure to radiations and other environmental conditions.

2. Congenital – It takes place at birth. The reasons for this cataract condition vary from poor nutrition orthepossibility of infection in the womb.

3. Secondary-It occurs as an outcome of a medical condition such as diabetes or being in contact with radiation, ultra violet rays, skin disease, smoking and/or alcohol abuse as well as possible side effects of some medication.

4. Traumatic- It takes place due to trauma or injuries and naturally varies from person to person.

Cataracts generally don’t go away on their own and that is why treatment is necessary… however, with modern techniques and advancement in cataract treatment, all these types can be treated safely and successfully.
So what’s Cataract Surgery all about?

The clouded lens is called a “Cataractous Lens” and the replacement lens is called the “Intraocular Lens”.

Cataract Surgery involves taking out the Cataractous lens and replacing this with the Intraocular lens, so during our cataract surgery, the surgeon removes the clouded lens and replaces it with a highly engineered custom lens which is tailored to your specific needs. This lens is then placed in the exact same location of the natural lens. This new lens then stays in your eye permanently.

Cataract Surgeries are generally performed within a few hours and you may return home on the same day.

There is a care package and instructions for aftercare following your surgery… within a few days, your life and vision will be back to normal, and you will be back to your superhero duties in no time!

Spire Elland Hospital in Hudders field is one such leading surgery where Cataract procedures are being performed personally by Dr Fayyaz Musa. Dr Fayyaz Musa is world renowne divisionary in Cataract, Glaucoma, Trifocals, Fuchs Dystrophy and DMEK and his pioneering techniques are used by other leading Optometrists globally.

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